About Us

A Father – Son Gravel Biking Pair

Once upon a time there was a man who had a son who grew up to be a man and the man looked at his son and remembered him as a boy and wished he could go back to the “time” when he only had “once upon” to enjoy his son at those ages that passed as the boy became the man he is today. Because the man the son is today is because of the “time” the father spend “once upon.” 

There will be a day…some day in the future…a future day that seems so comfortably far off in the future that you will find yourself looking back and wondering how you got to this day so fast. And, when that day gets here, you will look back to today and wish you could go back for just one moment.

When you find yourself in the future and those older than you have gone and those younger than you have grown, will there be a day that you will look back upon and say, “If I could go back for just for that one day…” Friend, you are here…you have the opportunity to make TODAY one of those days that you will look back and wish you could go back to and relive over, and over, and over again. That goes for today, tomorrow, all next week and beyond. Get out there and stop some time…just for a moment…stop and enjoy what you got right here and now. If they ever did create a time machine and you could go back for just one day, what day would you go back to? Make that day TODAY!

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