The Ashton to Tetonia Trail – Idaho – DAY TWO

July 23, 2020

DAY TWO – We had been eye-balling this trail ever since we started searching for places to ride and after we finished up the Weiser River Trail. And, after discovering that there is ANOTHER trail very close to the Aston-Tetonia Trail called the Right of Way Trail, we decided to go for a twofer! The only problem was…our Jamis Renegade had a broken derailleur hanger. Do you know how fast a bike can be ridden with a broken derailleur hanger?

Can a 50-year-old keep up with a 13-year-old?

June 20, 2020

On day-two posts…there’s not really much to say. Much of my thoughts and ideas were shared on Day One’s Post

You can find us over at Trail Link at:

Day Two Video Index

00:00 – Introduction
00:20 – Geared Up and Getting Ready to Ride
01:49 – Hitting the Trail – Trail Video Collage
02:28 – Trail View and Discussion
03:02 – Trail Video Collage
03:54 – Small Bridge and Some Photography
06:10 – Trail Video Collage
07:03 – Discussing Plans to Ride the Right-of-Way Trail and Yellowstone National Park
07:36 – (Travis is Way Up Ahead) Discussing the Ride
07:49 – Old Daddy Tries to “Catch Up To” Young Son (ROCK MUSIC KINDA VIDEO)
09:59 – Trail Video Collage
10:49 – Back at Morris Creek Bridge
11:43 – Travis Asks about “Peeing” on Plants and Daddy Discusses “Peeponics” (where in the heck did that come from?)
13:00 – Back on the Trail – Video Collage
13:37 – The Detour
14:40 – Travis Takes Photographs of the Scenery
16:30 – VERY Steep Hill (the video does not do it justice at all). Will We Make It Up??
19:06 – Back on the Trail
19:19 – Photo Op!
19:27 – Trail Video Collage
19:34 – About 8 ½ Miles to Go / Are We Stopping??
20:03 – Trail Video Collage
20:23 – The Conant Creek Bridge
20:47 – Almost There
20:55 – Trail Video Collage
21:15 – Trail Gets Rough
21:30 – Trail Video Collage
21:48 – We Got Wet!
22:28 – Bridge Crossing over the Fall River
23:34 – Met Some Folks Riding Horses
24:58 – Back on the Trail
25:17 – And… Just like that… DONE! Back to Town
27:45 – Back at the Car and Doing a Wrap up Before BURGER TIME!
28:15 – Frostop Root Beer Burger Joint! BURGER TIME!
28:41 – Like He Ain’t Eaten in a Month
28:53 – More Photographs from the Trail
30:16 – As Promised… Photographs from Yellowstone National Park
32:16 – End Day Two


On the LAST article, Aston-Tetonia Ride Day ONE, there’s more photographs.

Bridge Over Morris Creek
Bridge Over Morris Creek
Morris Creek Bridge
Morris Creek Bridge
Teton Mountains
Teton Mountains

With that being said, here’s the link to get you over to day 1:

Did You See Day 1?

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